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This is the website of Sardinia Guide Paola Loi, author of the Sardinia guide on Bindu Trips. Find out all about the attributes that make Paola a top choice to lead you to that perfect vacation in Sardinia.

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Shore Excursions

Coming to Cagliari via cruise ship? Paola Loi can personalize your Sardinian visit with a city sightseeing or any type of private tour that embraces the taste, sounds, history and architecture of Cagliari.


Weddings in Sardinia

Sardinia is the perfect romantic location for your wedding celebration! Get married on a lovely secluded bay away from the crowd, or simply celebrate a civil wedding in a Town Hall in a Sardinian City!


Private Tours in Sardinia

Enjoy the comfort of a private tour throughout the island of Sardinia with your personal native tour guide. Travel in comfort and style, get immersed in the culture and history of this amazing island.


What Can You See and Do in Sardinia?

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What They Say:

I write about travel, and so have been many places and helped by many guides. But none of them have had a country at their fingertips the way you have beautiful Sardinia at yours. I remember well the afternoon we visited the Argiolas winery in Serdenia and walked the village square under a perfect blue sky. Cagliari is to me perfectly described by the throb of life in its fish market. Best of all was the isolate village of Orgoloso, high in the Supramonte Mountains, where your skills with language and culture were complemented by your knowledge of geography. We begin to understand the places we visit when we see their everyday routine, and revealing the everyday is your skill. Combining warmth, knowledge, spontaneity and professionalism is your gift. Thanks and My Very Best Always, Tim Nolan