About Paola Loi

paola loi
Paola Loi getting in touch with her nuragic self.

An enthusiastic, Native Sardinian professional tour guide will show you the real insights of Sardinia.

Maria Paola Lois is a professional licensed tour guide with 20-years experience as a tour guide in Sardinia.

After years of training and working experiences in the UK, I focused my professional activities in my own native Sardinia.

I can introduce you to the culture of the Mediterranean island of Sardinia. I have worked with many local and foreign tour operators (USA, Israel, Uk, Japan), cruise ships, institutions, local councils and universities.

I have been in charge of many delegations, helping journalists and university professor providing assistance and interpreter services for many projects.

What Professional Travel Writers Say about Paola Loi and her Tours

Barbara Radcliffe Rogers – Travel Writer and Author:

“Another option, and one that assures seeing the city’s highlights including many treasures that a visitor would never find on his own – reserve ahead for the citz’s premier art and history guide, Paola Loi. She skillfully navigates Cagliari’s maze of streets and knows who has the keys to the closed churches; Cagliari’s hidden sights don’t remain hidden with her as a guide.”

Stillman Rogers – Travel Writer and Author

“To best understand and enjoy the site, it is best to have a guide. The series Archaeological Sardinia has a book on Nora (Carlo Tronchetti, 1986) available at the on-site shop, but it is no substitute for a knowledgeable local guide. One such fluent English-speaking guide is Maria Paola Loi whose knowledge is encyclopedic and whose rates are reasonable”

Dream of Italy

The Dream of Italy Travel News Blog

Meet one of the best local tour guides in Sardinia.

Sardinia can be difficult to really explore on your own since its language, history, and culture are completely different from mainland Italy. Paola gives the visitor an in-depth look at all the island has to offer and is able to provide experiences not always available to tourists.

James Martin, Travel Writer

“On our recent trip to Sardinia super-guide Paola Loi wanted us to meet sculptor Pinuccio Sciola, one of the most famous artists in Italy, let alone the island of Sardinia where he lives” ~ A Visit with the man who makes rocks sing

“a tip of the hat goes out to our guide on this trip, the fantastic Paola Loi”: Swimming Amongst Fresh Fish in Cagliari, Sardinia